I began writing again after 17 years doing the "married thing." I realized two things. It was more than my imagination that was being held back. And I'm enjoying starting to live out some of those dark sexy urges as much as writing about them.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Exploring Consent

Hi, readers,

I recently went live on my latest work, a novelette about a guy in a relationship who finds he'd rather play with the other boys.

Called Consent, it's how a man wants to let go, sexually, and the only way to do it is to submit to another man.

Homo-erotic. A bit of S&M. Right up my alley, right?

But this was was a little hard to write. After one unproductive go, in which I made the main drama the wrong woman, who caught her fiance between the sheets and between the legs of another man, I ended up changing the POV to the lead guy. Instead I decided to get into HIS head.

Why would a supposedly straight (and actually, really straight) guy want to let some other guy suck his cock?

This isn't another fantasy, not entirely. I know sexuality is fluid and when opportunities present themselves, we can be tempted to try something we wouldn't normally entertain, when the lights are on, the bottles still corked, and we're otherwise satisfied with our relationships.

I was taken by a man I'd know who liked to get pushed around a little, by his boyfriend. There was humiliation in it, a kind of insecurity, and surrender as well. A vulnerability. This one, at about 24000 words, explores a man who wants to be taken, more than he wants to take.

Writing about a man who gives in, who wasn't in charge, was a challenge for me.

The other thing that turned my in another direction was the politics of "consent." This is a hot political topic right now, and I'll always respect the seriousness of knowing what you're doing and respecting the wishes of your partner you're doing it to. This piece of fiction allows me to explore a less clear set of sexual feelings and behavior, and ask the question: what if someone doesn't want to play by the rules?

If by allowing it, it's his own kind of "consent?"

So I'm letting boys be boys in this one. And as the final humiliation/ assent/ offering, he lets his girlfriend watch him play with his new hardbody playmate.

I hope you'll sample this and enjoy. I hope to have a free Kindle version up soon as a promo.


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Just A Quick One While He's Away

Hi, girls, I thought I'd pipe in. It's been a while.

Busy with life, and still working on my next work (long, not short). And I just had to talk about having what was the best sexual experience I've had in a while.

Ha, I won't go into details. But the takeaway I want to share is he didn't "cut to the chase." No going in for the "kill." It was a slow and relaxed evening.

It's someone I know casually, and I think it can best be described as a one-nighter. This won't be repeated because it's not what either of us want (we don't think). Just something that came together very naturally, like a storm slowly gathering. And later, as it was getting dark and we'd gotten back to his place, there was no pressure.

We enjoyed the lack of urgency. Or maybe better to say, the resistance to acting on the urgency.

He treated me with a lot of respect, which I would take from anyone, old or young, male or female, honey. And the temperature was right. And he eventually rode me in like a wave slowly building to a swell, then a curl, then a gentle and natural release on the sandy beaches of no regrets.

Guys, here's your advice for the rest of your life: don't always cut to the chase!

I hope to be checking in with you more soon.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Out of Print and In Business

All good things must come to an end. And maybe all things, period.

My extended lesbian/ paranormal romance, "Another Creature," was kindly published by Torquere Press last year, but they've gone out of business in the last couple months.

You can see the beautiful cover over there on the right. The various links no longer work..

But if you do a direct find via Google, it still takes you to the Kindle version on Amazon.

Torquere isn't in business anymore. Dead page. But you can buy this. Where's that money going to?

I have updated the link under the cover so you can see, but I'm currently looking to place it elsewhere. (The rights have reverted fully to me.) I think I'm going to finally get into the self-publishing racket, and put this up on my own.

This title had a handful of reviews across the web. Torquere send some review copies out and most readers seem to have gotten bogged down in the overly lush language. It's a tone poem, people. Gothic romance in the vein of Harlequin (which I grew up on) and unrequited lesbian lust and also tentacles.

(No, I'm not sure what I was thinking.)

It wasn't catching the sales charts on fire, that's for sure. But it made me hot to write it. And loved the mood it put me (and at least one reader who contacted me directly) in.

This is the third story I've had "go out of print" because of publisher problems. Oh dear, this is the life of a free-lance writer, isn't it.

Wish me luck!


Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Tour of Bridges

A rather melancholy story, about a woman who visits a handful of bridges, to walk them, get in touch with the feelings they stir, and the feelings within, has been published in riverbabble #29.

The Tour of Bridges is a mood piece. An attempt to evoke emotion through details, not by what is said but by what is suggested by her movement from bridge to bridge, from state to state. Where is she ultimately going to?

Enjoy, here.

<3 u ... Val

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Girls in Trouble

I couldn't resist the temptation to publish that picture of one of my favorite teenager haunts regarding the closing of another publisher.

Those of you who are my fans my notice two of my stories published by Strange Flesh Press, "Tongue & Groove" and "Dead Man's Curves," two very personal lesbian tales of mine, have disappeared from the right sidebar and are no longer available.

Sad to say, the publishing concern, run honestly and with integrity by Teresa Wymore has decided to fold their cards. The short answer is they couldn't make enough money, the longer answer is they couldn't find a market for what they hoped would be a developing market for more serious erotica.

I was happy to be included as part of their experiment and I have to tell you, trying to make my writing more than just about the wet parts was exciting and helped me develop as a storyteller. Thanks, Teresa and Marti for the support.

These stories are still around; I'm shopping them to new publishers as we speak. The problem is many places prefer more cliche'd stories with happy endings and these, at least "Dead Man's Curves,"
aren't strictly HEA. The two protagonists, a recently divorced woman and her married best friend, open up troublesome and exciting spaces between (and within) themselves that can't easily be resolved in 5000 words. But then, the fact it takes more emotional and physical work than to just fuck and orgasm makes it more exciting, doesn't it?

"Tongue & Groove" is available on Goodreads for free if you like.  Here: http://www.goodreads.pw/story/show/408245-tongue-and-groove


;-( ... Val

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Free Books

I knew that would get your attention. For two weeks my publisher is giving away two PDF or MOBI copies of my collection Erotic Daydreams in a giveaway, for two lucky readers. 

You have until May 25th (a couple Wednesdays away) to submit your request. Winners will be chosen from the entries. Go to http://www.wordwooze.com/contact.html to submit your entry.

This is for the ebook (not the audiobook). You should also let the contest admin know you're looking to win Erotic Daydreams and whether you want a Mobi file (best for your Kindle) or PDF (good for iPads and other more agnostic device (and Kindle too actually).

There will also be audio copies of Erotic Daydreams available soon. Contact me here if you are interested in listening instead of reading. You know, hands free and all that... :-P

Thanks for your interest!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Cara Sutra Is My Kama Sutra

Very exciting -- sex blogatrix ("sexspert"?) ("nether-tingle-writer"?) Cara Sutra from the UK has featured me on her blog which covers everything sex.

Personal toy reviews. Videos. Sex writers. Competitions. Fiction.

And here, she interviewed me last month and let me publish excerpts of my work. A kind of introduction to her readers. The pleasure is all mine.

Cara is very sex-positive and supports us writers working to increase the visibility and status of writing about sex. She covers every personal and public aspect of her (and our) sexual awareness. She exposes the best, the worst, the hidden and I have found myself clicking through from dildo reviews to personal confessions to instructions on how to give another woman oral sex.

Um...anyway. Her feature is a great one-stop place to sample my work, from a free short story to excerpts from my bsdm book Four on the Floor. And links to more.

Worth a look if you don't mind being distracted, and I'm proud to join the ranks of sex bloggers/writers she has brought to a wider audience over the years.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Is It Smut or Is It Art?

With the recent appearance of my "Four On The Floor" from eXtasy Press this fall (a story that, really, depicts a "pornotopia," a fictional sexual space for its narrative rather than simply going for sensation (although there is certainly that)), the subject will come up again.

Why are you writing smut instead of more high-minded stuff?  Aren't you afraid what people will think?

Q: Is it smut or is it art?

A: Smut is art.

A2: It's not smut.

Just because someone takes their pants off in a story doesn't automatically make it porn. While some of my stories are provocative I hope I'm doing more than  simply depict the acrobatic events you find in books in the spinner at the liquor store. And even the promiscuous use of rude Anglo words or depictions of certain behavior doesn't qualify it as beneath our interest.

There's a distance between writing about various erotic behavior and straight-ahead porn, although I for one am not sure even when I try it myself.

Sure, there is the mainstream variety (of which most of us grow out of by the time we have access to the real thing, or did and so see it for its empty promises) (and usually the overwhelming examples of the lack of insight the genre offers since it's so goddam prevalent (possibly because it's easier to produce that way)) of impossible women and men in impossible choreography, with stamina and liquids that defy the laws of physics.

The written variety of porn is infamous for its lack of variety, narrative motivation or consequences, as well as a limited word choice. The filmed/videotaped variety at least occasionally mixes up the camera angles to keep the photographer awake.

I prefer the written kind. Hey. Everybody has a thing.

But porn scares people. When we try to talk about it seriously most people hide behind a snarky, boys-will-be-boys, lets-makes-a-lot-of-money disguise which diminishes and ghettoizes its power. Porn becomes "porn" when it's reduced, either by the editors or the writers or the distributors, to the easy and uninsightful series of pizza-boy deliveries and jutting breasts and "Yes! Yes! Fuck me!"

Or diminished by the viewers themselves, in a pose of shameful retreat, its own kind of disguise.
But sex, and by default human nature, and by default humanity, is a worthy and necessary realm to explore in my fiction.

It's not the sex so much as the leading up to it, or the consequences (emotional and physical). I defer to Steve Almond's manifesto (of sorts) on why writing such material is fine, is important, and matters. Mainly: that sexual responses possess us all, and are confusing, suppressed and confounded by society, shame and the propaganda we're bombarded with (including the bad porn).

Yet, and I'm going to speak only for myself when I say, I don't feel more alive, in touch with something larger and life-affirming, more vulnerable and more real than when I'm fucking; when I'm aroused, when on the chase, in the soup of a hot seduction, making it with another human being.

By touch, by word, by thought or by deed, it's all the same.

The journey there is what makes us human. We are here to make some kind of connection with each other. I want you to pay attention, to be vulnerable as I whisper one true thing, to be honest, to share, to tell you a truth you already know, or were afraid to admit. It's all smut.

I'm not afraid of that.